The Legacy Of An Artisan

Heritage History

We began our manufacturing with the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma on our family. Our first-generation established the manufacturing of handmade refined bronze vessels in the 19th century with the three products initially and, we have been serving it till the 3rd generation.

During the period of 1930 to 1970, while our 4th generation was operating we were manufacturers of only six bronze products. Due to the economic hassle and similar concerns, we had to switch to the manufacturing of copper vessels from a manufacturer of bronze vessels, which exclusively lasted for a period of 5 years.

We arrived at the industry with an exceptional skills industry during the era 1975 to 2015. We transformed the manufacturing system according to the domestic market essentials by merging innovative skills along with the skills imparted from our previous generation and established our traditional bronze manufacturing family enterprise. With due respect to our manufacturing modifications and innovative ideas, we conducted our bronze vessel manufacturing in different shapes and styles according to Ayurveda and luxurious lifestyle and, delivered more than 15 products in bronze and copper.

Currently, we are the sixth generation in our family-accomplished business. We expanded our manufacturing objective in kitchenware, healthcare, luxurious tableware, and sound healing temple-ware products that compile to the subtotal of more than 40+ products that are solely manufactured by us.

We are a well-known pure bronze, brass, and copper vessels manufacturers group defined as Kansyam – The Legacy Of An Artisan.

Our Team

Kansyam family is a foremost traditional vessel manufacturer’s firm across India,
that produces and delivers bronze and brass artifacts, from more than 100 years of time span.

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