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Kansa baby set


small kids, gifting, baby shower occassion

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kansyam family takes pride by making kansa baby or kids set for small babies good health which is positive approach towards new born babies health.

According to indian ayurveda, after breast feeding mother starting to give lunch and dinner in kansa vessels which plays an important role to make child healthy.

An ideal chemical composition of handmade kansa is 78% copper and 22% tin which is consider as pure kansa uses as dining and serving.

people gifts this baby set to new born babies  family to expect good health of new born baby.

this set includes 4 piece in one set

1 plate – 17 cm

1 bowl –  8.5cm

1 small pyali – 6.3cm ,

1 small spoon – 10cm


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0.6 kg

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